Grade School Forms

Shrine Catholic Grade School Forms and Documents

Below are all school-related forms, procedures and documents for Shrine Families. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions in regards to the items listed on this page.

Application – Early Childhood Center
Asbestos Update 2017
Criminal Background Check Form
Concussion Awareness

Concussion Acknowledgment Agreement
Fire and Tornado Drill Report 2015-2016
Fire and Tornado Drill Report 2016-2017
Fire and Tornado Drill Report 2017-2018
Government Assistance Lunches – How to apply for Free & Reduced Meals 2017-2018
Government Assistance Lunches – Eligibility
Free and Reduced Lunch Application 2017-2018
Health Appraisal Form
Kids’ Club FAQ
Lunch Menu – August September 2017
Medical Treatment Release Form
New Student Registration Form 2017-2018 (for Siblings)
Registration – Items Needed to be Submitted with New Student Registration Form
Parking Lot Procedures – 2017
Parent Student Handbook 2017-2018
Pesticide Notification Form Arch 2017
Tuition Rates 2017-2018 K-12
Tuition Rates 2017-2018 Early Childhood Center
Volunteer Driver Information Form

Volunteer Hours – Operational Hour Explanation
Volunteer Log Form 2017-2018
Wellness Policy 2016-2017
Yearbook Exclusion Form


PLEASE NOTE: all sports-related forms are now available on the web site under “Documents”.