Shrine Catholic High School added several new courses to their curriculum for the 2014-2015 school year. Students can now choose from a series of semester business classes including, Personal Finance, Accounting, Computer Applications and Marketing.


Personal Finance                                                   Grades 11, 12
Accounting I                                                           Grades 11,12
Computer Applications                                           Grades 10, 11, 12
Marketing I                                                              Grades 11, 12

Personal Finance
This course will help students become familiar with the language of finance and the mathematics needed to manage money creating more fiscally responsible citizens. Students will learn personal financial decision making, considerations in earning a living, managing finances and budgeting, saving and investing, buying goods and services, banking, using credit, and protecting against risk. Students will have a firm understanding of how the financial choices they make will affect their lives and their community.

Accounting I
Accounting I is the study of the financial records of a service business organized as a proprietorship. Students will learn to handle all aspects of the accounting cycle including journalizing transactions, handling checking accounts, recording adjustments, processing payroll, and preparing financial statements. All college and university business school in Michigan require a two-semester course in accounting for business majors; this course prepares students for the first semester of that requirement. This course is highly recommended for students majoring in business in college or those interested in owning their own business.

Computer Applications
Computer Applications is the study of technological communication and how computers are utilized for both personal and business applications. This class offers a variety of opportunities to challenge all levels of computer users. Students will utilize Windows and be introduced to numerous software packages including Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, giving the participant experiences with word processing, spreadsheets and charts, databases, desktop publishing, presentations and photo editing. Internet research principles and guidelines will be applied through directed business applications.

Marketing I
Marketing I involves the study of the foundations of marketing, consumers and their behavior, external factors, the marketing mix and marketing research. Units of study include the definition of marketing, the basic marketing concept, economic and consumer factors, selling, promotion, math for retail sales and careers in marketing.