Parent Boot Camp

Parent Boot Camp
Sponsored by Shrine Catholic Schools
All are welcome to attend!

Date: Saturday, September 16th, 2017
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm | Check-In: 8:30-9:00 am – Auditorium
Location: Shrine Catholic High School

Welcome and Introduction: 9:00-9:20 am
Session 1: 9:30-10:10 am
Session 2: 10:20-11:00 am
Session 3: 11:10-11:50 am
***All sessions are free of charge and must be reserved before arrival. 


In different break-out sessions, speakers will share their experiences, insights and practical advice on many current issues, including:

Lead and Leave Your Ego at the Door: How to Develop Leadership in Your Child
Speaker: Colonel Tom Doman

Colonel Doman’s talk will center on developing leadership skills in your child. He’ll share his “Domanisms” that his parents taught him – values that enabled him to succeed in the classroom, in athletics, in the battlefield, and in business.
– As a graduate of Shrine High School in 1983 and United States Naval Academy in 1987, Colonel Doman was a three-year letter winner in football at USNA. Years later, Colonel Doman served in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990/1991 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004/2005. He has led hundreds of Marines and Sailors through combat operations in austere conditions during these wars. Colonel Doman is currently writing his memoirs into a leadership book.

Frenemies, Toxic Friends, and True Friends
Speaker: Kimber Bishop-Yanke

Our kids’ world of friendship is filled with hot/cold friendships, transactional friends, and if they’re lucky, true friendships. Learn how to support your children in making friends, being a true friend, handling conflicts in friendship, and when friends are hot/cold and unfriendly. Learn strategies and the words your child can use for unfriendly situations. Our children’s friendships set the stage for healthy relationships in their adult life.
– Founder of Girls and Boys Empowered, Kimber has provided training nationally and internationally on bully-proofing children for more than 17 years. Kimber develops curriculum and leads programs for kids, parents, and professionals on how to build confidence and self-esteem, develop socials skills and emotional intelligence, and deal with unfriendly friends, mean-spirited behaviors, relational aggression, and bullying. As a volunteer, Kimber organizes Kids Against Hunger packaging and is an active volunteer for Kenya Relief. She has provided her program in Kenya and other countries.

The Journey to College Athletics
Speaker: Coach Don Sicko

Listen to coach Sicko discuss a wide variety of topics concerning your child’s athletic journey: relationship with coaches, proper training, educational insights, and the college recruiting process. This session is for athletes of all sports.
– Coach Don Sicko is a former basketball coach at both the high school and collegiate level. He has coached and recruited some of the best talent in the state of Michigan as an assistant coach at the University of Michigan and head coach at University of Detroit. He currently is a writer and NBA scout.


Building Confidence and Fostering Good Decision Making
Speaker: Chief Judge Derek Meinecke

Come hear Judge Meinecke discuss ways to help empower our children to become stronger, confident, positive community members as well as great decision makers.
– As chief judge for the 44th District Court for Royal Oak and Berkley, Derek Meinecke works in the courtroom and our community to keep our towns safe.




Winning the College Search, Application and Scholarship Process
Speaker: Amy Piazzon

Come hear Mrs. Amy Piazzon discuss the role of standardized testing, the right time to start thinking college and strategies to help your child choose the right college.
– Amy Piazzon is a collegiate counselor at Shrine Catholic High School and has a proven track record of helping her students find the university that is the best fit for them.




Creating a Strong Brain through Sensory and Cognitive Exercises
Speaker: Amy and Frank Firek

The Program Brain Balance is a short-term, after-school program that utilizes sensory motor and cognitive exercises along with nutritional support to strengthen the brain. Come hear Amy and Frank discuss “brain” strategies to help our children thrive and function at or beyond their age level.
– Amy and Frank Firek are with Brain Balance, an organization that establishes a unique plan for each child that includes sensory motor work, eye tracking, core exercises, academic skill training, healthy nutrition and many other activities that work to bolster a child’s developmental deficits.

Learn How Resilience Grows Emotional and Social Intelligence
Speaker: Drew Yanke

Resilience is a key factor in the growth of emotional and social intelligence. In this workshop, you’ll explore the three key factors to resilience: I AM, I HAVE and I CAN – each of which has influence on resilience, but by themselves cannot accomplish the task. You’ll learn strategies to apply at home and school as well as 10 tips to increasing resilience – all of which will help your child learn to navigate better socially.
– Drew Yanke, M.A, LLP is a local psychologist working with families and kids. Drew specializes in ADHD and over the years has gained a very good understanding of how ADHD can affect children and the parents of these children. He also works with kids who are experiencing anxiety/depression, academic issues and mean kid and bullying behaviors. He is a husband and father of three.

Acing the College Board Curriculum
Speaker: Phil Chisholm

State and College Board curriculum standards require students to analyze historical documents, analyze writings by professional historians, and compose complex historical essays. Students need to assume the role of apprentice historians in order to understand how historians arrive at their conclusions. Come see veteran teacher Mr. Phil Chisholm explain the importance of these objectives and provide an overview of some teaching techniques used to help students master these tasks.
– Phil brings years of experience teaching high school English and History, grading Advanced Placement World History exams for the College Board, and teaching online for Madonna University. He currently serves as Social Studies Chair, 9th Grade World History Teacher, AP United States History teacher, and AP World History teacher at Shrine Catholic High School.

Forming Our Kids: Christ or Culture?
Speaker: Peter and Debra Herbeck

With a culture intent on steering our teens adrift, many parents are either left feeling overwhelmed, ill-equipped, discouraged and unable to fight its negative effect or simply oblivious to its impact. Join Peter and Debbie as they offer encouragement and practical wisdom to parents who desire to help their children look beyond what our culture dictates and live confidentially in a life with Jesus at the center.
– Debra Herbeck speaks at conferences and retreats about spiritual growth, discipleship, and her own journey from Judaism to the Catholic Church. For 30 years, she has worked extensively in youth and women’s ministry and is co-founder and leader of Be Love Revolution, a movement dedicated to helping young women encounter and be God’s love in the world as well as the Director of Pine Hills Girls Camp. Peter is the Vice President and Director of Missions for Renewal Ministries. He has traveled extensively in the U.S., Canada, Africa, and Eastern Europe for the past 30 years, assisting and training local churches in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering through spiritual gifts.