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Student reflections on Ministry:

“I love to talk with my patients. Once one of my older patients knew that I study in America. She was excited that her granddaughter also study here. She really miss her granddaughter. She felt I was like her granddaughter when she first saw me. I was very glad that she said so. At that moment I thought it was more important to let patient feel better inside than just feel good physically.”
– Hospital ministry

“I went to Angel’s Place. A high light of the day was just getting to talk to all of the adults and see what wonderful people they are and just getting to enjoy their genuine and sweet souls.”
– Angel’s Place

“The highlight of my experience was eating lunch with Joe, one of the seniors living there. We had a great conversation about my future and his past.”
– Waltonwood ministry

“One part of the experience I will always remember is how every person would tell me how great God is. No one complained or blamed God, they only said how much they love him.”
– St. Leo soup kitchen

“At Gleaners I heard a striking story. A nine year old boy was hoarding food. He wasn’t being selfish however, he was just trying to feed “his” family. The fact that children that small are already responsible for food consumption of a family is shocking to me and will stay with me for a long time.”
– Gleaners Food Bank

“Though most of them had difficulty walking, or were confined to wheelchairs, they still behaved lively and welcomed us with smiling, wrinkled faces. I would have thought that most would have been helpless, or miserable, but though they were faced with a more difficult life than me, they still had hope and had a weathered, though determined, courage to carry on.”
– Waltonwood ministry

“The main part that stuck with me was how lucky I am to be alive, healthy, and have full control of my mind and body. I know how much love and respect people deserve and why we deserve it.”
– Mary’s Children

“Firstly, though a person with a developmental disability may appear different, they have large hearts and mean well and were created by God with as much love as anyone else.”
– Angel’s Place

“I will always remember how cute it was when one of the girls used her computer that talked for her to say the Hail Mary for the decade of the rosary.”
-Mary’s Children ministry

“The lesson I learned that will stay with me was to live my life to the fullest and not to take things for granted.”
– Waltonwood ministry

“A lesson I learned was that when I look in my fridge and say there’s no food, there’s some kid who hasn’t had food for two days and I shouldn’t be complaining.”
– Gleaners