Uniforms for Grade School Students

Grade School Uniform Policies and Ordering Information

We ask that parents ensure that the uniform policy is adhered to by carefully supervising the appearance of their children before they go to school.

Uniform Guidelines

Students start wearing uniforms in Kindergarten.
Uniform Code 2017-2018

Gym Uniform

Grades K-6:  The gym uniform will consist of a Shrine logoed gold shirt, Shrine logoed blue sweat pants, Shrine logoed blue shorts, and gym shoes.  Gym sweat pants must be worn from October-March (shorts may be worn underneath).   Gym shorts may be worn August/September and May/June.   The gym uniform must be purchased from Dennis Uniform and students will wear the gym uniform all day on gym days.

Our Uniform Supplier

Dennis Uniform
1532 N. Opdyke Road, Suite #450
Auburn Hills, MI  48326