Academy English Dept

7th and 8th Grade English and Literature

7th Grade English
Students develop their writing, grammar and vocabulary skills through a systematic approach integrating written, oral and collaborative work. Comprehensive study of grammar mechanics, written and oral presentations, journal writing, two research reports, informational, expository and creative writing are also key areas of concentration.

7th Grade Literature
Students will learn the importance of reading, interpreting, discussing, and analyzing a variety of texts. They will be able to write about what they are reading by using evidence from the texts to support their viewpoints. Students will understand how texts, both fiction and non-fiction, connect to their world.

8th Grade English
Students will develop writing skills through grammar, composition, vocabulary comprehension, and classroom discussion. Students will write a research paper and orally present their findings to the class. Additionally, students will read two novels and generate their own thesis and use evidence from the novel to support it.

8th Grade Literature
Students will read and analyze novels, plays, short stories, poetry, and non-fiction. Understanding literary terms, analyzing common themes, and exploring a text’s deeper meaning are all emphasized. Students will often respond to their reading in both form and informal writing assignments.