Academy Fine Performing Arts

Fine and Performing Arts

Visual Arts

7th Grade
painting, drawing, collage, pencil drawing/shading, graphic design, ceramics. Weekly sketchbook assignments. This class meets quarterly.

8th Grade
pencil drawing shading/texture, water color, portrait, painting, ceramics, advertising/poster design, chalk pastels, 3-d painting, paper sculpture, as well as weekly sketchbook assignments. this class is a semester long.

8th Grade
Independent Ar t- 2nd semester by teacher approval.


7th Grade
The 7th grade class is similar to a beginning public speaking course. Students perform nursery rhymes, original character creations and work in groups to develop their scripts and scenes. This class meets quarterly

8th Grade
Focus is on the performance aspect of applied arts. Students will learn stage and theater terminology, prepare for an original production from audition, set painting, costumes to tearing down the set at the end. A performance is scheduled.  1st semester presents a musical, 2nd semester presents a drama.


7th Grade
Music Appreciation- Students will listen to, look at, and discuss a wide variety of music as thy begin to understand basic concepts concerning the elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, texture, and form. Through the study of melody, harmony, and rhythm, students will begin to develop basic music literacy skills. While musical performance is not the focus of this class, students will occasionally be asked to demonstrate concepts through performance in class, or for another group of peers. Quarter-length course.

8th Grade Choir
Choir 8 is open to all 8th grade students. Students will begin to develop music literacy and application of correct vocal techniques in performance. Students perform a variety of music representing diverse time periods and genres. Students perform at concerts and other parish and community functions.

Concert Band
The Shrine Academy Band is open to both 7th and 8th grade students with prior instrumental music experience or with director approval.Students improve musicianship through techniques, rhythm, theory and style. The Concert Band puts on a Fall, Christmas, and Spring Concert and may also perform at various school events.