About the Early Childhood Center

Our Mission:
At Shrine Catholic Grade School, we exemplify Christ through praying, learning, and growing together.



Parent/Tot Program

A family’s first encounter with Shrine Schools can be as part of our parent/tot class. We invite two year olds and their caregivers to join us in classes taught by our preschool director. These classes will be filled with delight and discovery. Your initial experience of Shrine School’s philosophy will begin here.



Preschool Programs

We believe for a child to meet their greatest potential, they need to feel important, accepted, and welcomed. In our Early Childhood Center, each child’s self esteem and emerging identity as God’s own child is affirmed. We believe that because each child grows at their independent pace, it is our job to teach them at their individual level of readiness. We build on the child’s own knowledge and questions through brainstorming, inquiring, classifying, and cooperating. All of this occurs through multi-sensory experiences while providing an atmosphere of playful learning and discovery at the same time!

The teachers and staff at Shrine Early Childhood Center understand that parental involvement is key to a child’s success in school. Frequent parent communication builds community and gives each child the greatest potential for success. As part of our communication, we are excited for our “daily wrap ups” at the end of each school day. This is a time for your child’s teacher to share with you all the activities your child participated in on any given day. The teachers will also share research-supported information backing up the daily curriculum.

For our evaluation tools, we use daily documentations, portfolios, and assessments. Parents will meet formally twice a year for conferences, yet an open communication will be ongoing throughout the year. We believe by providing students with these tools, they will be able to walk confidently from the preschool hallway into the grade school when their preschool experience has ended.



Junior Kindergarten Program

The goal of Junior Kindergarten is to develop well-rounded students and, at all times, strive to provide our students with experiences that support self-worth and strategies for success. With this foundation, we expose our Junior Kindergarten students to the tools they will need to confidently enter kindergarten and continue their journey as lifelong learners and children of God.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Early Childhood Programs, please contact the Grade School office at 248-541-4622 ext. 0. We are very excited about the many opportunities the Early Childhood Center brings to our families.