Shrine High School: Mathematics Department

Shrine Catholic offers a rigorous mathematics program, with four (4) years of study required.  Students entering 9th grade with Algebra I are offered an opportunity to take and accelerated placement test.  Graphing calculators are used throughout the Mathematics curriculum, as well as computers and laptops. The department uses computer lab software for reinforcement of concepts and problem solving skills.

Shrine Catholic students in AP Calculus class participate in the Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition. Shrine Catholic seniors may take the AP Calculus class which prepares them for the Advanced Placement Test and possible college credits in mathematics.  All Shrine Catholic mathematics teachers attend at least one professional conference yearly.

Algebra I: Grades 9, 10
Algebra II: Grades 9, 10
Honors Algebra II:  Grades 9, 10
Geometry: Grades 10, 11
Honors Geometry: Grades 10, 11
Pre-Calculus: Grades 11, 12
Honors Pre-Calculus: Grades 11, 12
Personal Finance: Grade 12
Accounting: Grade 12
Calculus: Grade 12
AP Calculus: Grade 12