The Science Department at Shrine Catholic High School is committed to preparing students for science-related careers with strong, rigorous academic preparation and awareness regarding the impact of science in their everyday lives

Shrine Catholic High School requires a minimum of 3 credits in science for graduation.  The Science Department offers college preparatory and Honors level courses in Biology and Chemistry.  AP Biology and AP Chemistry are offered on a rotating basis, determined by student interest.  AP Physics is offered every year.  Laboratory experiences are an integral part of the entire science curriculum.  Small class sizes allow for individual attention as students explore the complex study of science.  Feedback from colleges and universities regarding the Science Department’s curriculum has been overwhelmingly positive for a number of years.


Core Curriculum                                                      Honors Core Curriculum

Biology                    Grade 9                                  Honors Biology             Grade 9
Chemistry                Grade 10, 11, 12                    Honors Chemistry         Grade 10, 11, 12
Physics                    Grade 11, 12                          AP Science                   Grade 11, 12
Elective                    Grade 10, 11, 12

Elective Curriculum
Intro to Chemistry I&II           Grade 10, 11
Anatomy & Physiology          Grade 10, 11, 12
Intro to Chemistry                  Grade 10, 11
Medical Biology                     Grade 12
Microbiology                          Grade 11, 12
Forensic Science                   Grade 11, 12
AP Chemistry, AP Physics     Grade 11, 12
I & II or Biology