SCRIP for Academy

SCRIP Program

SCRIP is a tuition reduction program that helps you earn credit toward your tuition costs.


1) Contact the SCRIP Coordinator, Chestra Peaslee, at for the enrollment code before you begin the registration process.
2) Click on to begin the registration process
3) Follow the steps and provide an email address, password, account information (name, student name of your youngest child), etc.
4) The last step is to insert Shrine’s Enrollment Code given to you by the SCRIP coordinator.
5) After registering, click on My Account
6) Click on PRESTOPAY (located on the left hand side)
7) Fill in your bank account information (a small amount, i.e. 015 or less, will automatically be deducted from your bank account)
8) Allow 3-5 days for processing – PRESTOPAY will deposit two small random amounts of money into your account
9) As soon as you see the deposits in your account, make a note of the amounts.  Return to to verify the set up of your PrestoPay account.
10) You will be given an approval code and you will email or forward this on to Chestra Peaslee to complete the registration process to begin ordering online.

Ordering is simple!  A listing will come up by category and you may either view all or select by the alphabetical listing at the top.  Click on the retailer, put in the quantity, click add to cart and proceed to checkout. All online orders must be placed by 9:00 a.m. on Mondays. You can also create a list of gift cards you purchase frequently by adding them to your Favorites.

Last, the SCRIP program automatically deducted approximately 1 percent from the order to run the program. This percent will now be taken at every payout instead of with every order. ShopwithSCRIP earning percentages can also be higher as random shopping bonuses may occur.


Please contact SCRIP Coordinator, Chestra Peaslee, at