Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum consists of courses designed to prepare youth for:

  • Effective world citizenship
  • Understanding and appreciation of our American heritage
  • Responsible understanding of world problems, their causes, and possible solutions

The following Social Studies courses are taught to make students aware of their physical world, their cultural background, and their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

A minimum of three credits in Social Studies is required for graduation.


World Geography & Early Societies                        Grade 9
United States History                                               Grade 10
AP U.S. History                                                        Grade 10
World History                                                           Grade 11, 12
AP World History                                                     Grade 11, 12
Economics                                                               Grades 11, 12
Psychology                                                              Grades 11, 12
AP Microeconomics                                                 Grades 11, 12
AP Macroeconomics                                                Grades 11, 12
The History & Literature of Human Conflict             Grades 11, 12
Government                                                             Grades 11, 12

Constitutional Studies
Shrine Catholic High School offers a course on the U.S. Constitution.  This ½ credit, seminar-style elective is held before the start of the normal class day.  Comprising twenty total class sessions (over 10 weeks), the course is taught by a mixture of Shrine teachers and highly knowledgeable outside speakers, and allows students to explore and discuss the U.S. Constitution and government in an interactive setting similar to college seminars.  The class and scholarships will be funded entirely by The Center for Constitutional Studies, a private, non-profit organization founded and administered by several Shrine parishioners.  The Center has worked closely with Shrine Catholic High School in developing the course structure, schedule, curriculum, and scholarship criteria.


The curriculum unfolds in three main units:

  • Individual and Property Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the American Revolution—why we fought,
  • The Constitution—what we built, and
  • The Modern Age—our current state of affairs.

Each unit includes written and verbal assessments as well as a written test.  These assignments, together with class participation, attendance, and a final paper, serve as the basis for determining each student’s class grade and scholarship eligibility.